Tessitura Luigi Uboldi

Who we are

A historical reality in the Como textile district

Tessitura Luigi Uboldi

Fabrics for clothing since 1950


Tessitura Luigi Uboldi is a historic reality in the production of fabrics for clothing, created by the Uboldi Luigi family with the aim of providing tailor-made solutions in the difficult world of textiles. The company gathers the skills and specializations of various production areas under a single organization thanks to the experience gained in more than 70 years of activity.

Tessitura Luigi Uboldi is a dynamic company, capable of responding promptly and flexibly to the various demands that the new working standards impose, thanks to its professional experience and the ability to “do” typical of a highly productive area in the which the Uboldi Luigi family has always based its roots in the Como textile district.

Foundation year
looms (gripper, jaquard, air)
ms produced every hour
n. of cotton warp threads


Always strong point of Tessitura Luigi Uboldi

The value of Italian companies like ours is the people: a close-knit and specialized staff, with specific but complementary roles, make Tessitura Luigi Uboldi a reality capable of managing the creation and production phases of fabrics in compliance with methods, times and costs. requested by clients.

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