Tessitura Luigi Uboldi

Style Office

The ideal interlocutor for stylists and fashion designers.

Style Office

The ideal interlocutor for stylists and fashion designers.


The orientation towards research and experimentation with new yarns, new weaving - warping techniques and new processes, constitute a support to the creativity of stylists and designers in the fashion sector.
The Style office is the place where creativity meets technical expertise to give life to innovative products.


We have designed and produced fabrics that have become musts.


The know-how acquired over the years in the processing of natural and synthetic fibers make us a reliable partner for the production of highly requested items.
The most successful textile products we have created are technical ones, cupri, mixed cupri and viscose.

Tailored fabrics

to meet your needs


Our ambition has always been to:

- To be a reference partner for the production of tailor-made yarns and fabrics as requested by the customer.
- Being able to interpret the needs of an idea and return a product that sees the wishes of our customers come true.
- Meet expectations through our work and our skills.

All this represents for us not only an objective but a real mission, and the loyalty of our customers testifies to our positivity and the solidity of a serious and reliable organization over time.

Fabric Maker:

company philosophy


Not simple fabric producers; in fact, we combine research, creativity and development to product manufacturing. A team with technical skills and a solid textile know-how, constitute a concrete added value for the creation of articles and collections of exclusive products.

The result is an ever-new offer, made up of a multitude of innovative and trendy textile fibers, fabrics and processes, particularly suitable for the creation of women's, men's and jackets’ garments.

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