Tessitura Luigi Uboldi


Conformity of production processes and products


Conformity of production processes and products


The Uboldi weaving mill is in possession of the main and most important certifications that ensure that the company operates in compliance with the quality of production processes and environmental sustainability.

The ISO 9001 2015 certification has awarded Tessitura Luigi Uboldi international recognition of reliability as it complies with the requirements of the international standard for the quality management system.

The ICEA certification certifies that Tessitura Luigi Uboldi meets the requirements of the Global Recycled Standard and that the fabrics produced (see certificate for specific types) comply with the standard.

Tessitura Luigi Uboldi for the environment

An ecological company that promotes sustainable development


For some years we have been committed to find and implement alternative solutions in order to make our company ecologically responsible and our fabrics sustainable.

Use Me Again is our brand that guarantees the use of yarns from recycled fabrics while for other fabrics, we purchase raw materials from state-of-the-art companies in terms of sustainability and which still guarantee innovation and high levels of performance.

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